Like a One Night Stand

Last night, I came home, got out of the car, and opened my garage. I expected nothing out of the ordinary to happen as it was a typical Saturday night. As I walked to the garage door, I heard a meow and a cat appeared from out of the shadows and approached me without hesitation. It was a little on the skinny side and had no collar.

I could tell it wasn’t a feral, as it wasn’t skittish or frightened when it saw me, and I could also tell it was a little hungry. I went inside the house and fetched a bowl of water. I brought it to the cat, who was walking around and yowling loudly before I gave it the water, which it immediately drank. I stepped out of the house then went to go buy some cat food. When I got home the cat was still there, still meowing, and I poured it some cat food.

Though the garage remained opened, the cat did not appear to have intentions of leaving anytime soon. So for the night, I decided to leave the garage open a crack to give the cat the option of leaving in case it was a neighbor’s outdoor cat or staying if it had no home and wanted food and shelter.

I ran the possibilities in my mind. If the cat was indeed a stray and wanted to stay, I should try and find the owner before trying to adopt it. I would have to get it to a vet and get it groomed and cleaned. Overall, I was quite excited at this furry ball of possibility.

The next morning, I went to check on the cat. Its food bowl was completely empty, and there were a few single fur strands in the water bowl. I looked around the garage, looked under the car, and I meowed out loud. The cat was gone.

And now I felt disappointed. This almost felt like a one night stand. The cat used me for food and shelter for a night and then left without saying goodbye. And I felt like a clingy girlfriend with too many expectations.

So farewell mystery cat. I’ll keep an eye out for “missing pet” posters, and you’ll always be welcome in my abode.


One thought on “Like a One Night Stand

  1. daniel rodriguez says:

    maybe pussy didnt want any ‘morning after awkward goodbye moments’ and so quietly grabbed her coat and called a taxi. um, yeah i heard cabbies can be paid in kibble on rare


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