Feeling Defined

A few weeks ago, my test scores were released, and when I saw them, I got a drop in my stomach and felt awful about myself. All I could think was: I’m an idiot. Where am I going in life with grades like this? And etc…

And as I was feeling down, I remembered something my teacher said a few months back that went a little something like this: Whatever grade you get,  it’s not the end of the world. Don’t let them win. You are so much more than a grade or a number.  

And even as I recalled these words, it was hard to feel empowered with my low grades fresh in my mind.

As time passed, I finally realized the truth behind my teacher’s words and accepted that I was not defined by those grades, and people are not defined by numbers. My parents still loved me, my friends thought no less of me, and really nothing changed.

For anyone else who’s feeling defined by numbers, don’t be. When I think back on my life, I don’t remember the grades I got or the numbers and percentiles that measured and compared me to others. I remember the friends who accepted me, I remember the good deeds that others did for me and that I did for others, and I remember feeling accepted by everyone, regardless of my age, ethnicity, gender, religion, and least of all, my grades.

You are not defined by a low grade, a rejection, or failure. You are defined by how you pick yourself up and persevere in your goals and life. Numbers are used to measure, and there’s no way the complexity, intelligence, and personality of anyone could ever be measured by mere numbers.


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